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Transhumance is a type of pastoralism entailing a seasonal movement of livestock between summer and winter pastures along designated trails.


PECUS intends to develop, test and disseminate an innovative method for increasing trans-disciplinarity in Universities’ teaching practices.

Activities and methodology

PECUS methodology

The PECUS methodology combines:

Local and international workshops for teachers and students, centred on transdisciplinary planning and sustainable development of transhumance landscapes and communities.

The use of Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping as a tool to understand complex decision problems, and foster transdisciplinary decisions.

Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

Fuzzy Cognitive Maps are a symbolic representation of complex systems through concepts and their mutual interactions. Their construction requires inputs of human experience and knowledge of the persons involved, concerning the causal relationships amongst factors, characteristics, and components of the system considered.

PECUS activities

Training workshop for 12 teachers.

International workshop for 50 students from different disciplines.

Production of methodological guidelines and a modular online course.

Transferring of project methodology to 250 additional students in partner universities.

Final conference for dissemination of results.

Latest events

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