Transhumance, live!

Luckily, open-air activities are still possible despite the COVID emergency!

In October, Pablo Vidal and two groups of veterinary students from our partner Universidad Católica de Valencia accompanied a transhumant farmer and his flock of 800 sheep on their journey from the summer pastures in the mountains to the winter pastures in the plain. The journey took four days and covered an approximate distance of 90 kilometres.

After spending the summer at an altitude of 1,800 metres on the mountains of Teruel, this herder descends to 430 metres, through the natural park of Penyagolosa, to spend the winter in the province of Castellón.

It was an occasion for the students to learn from the herder about the management of his flock, and to understand the reasons for this seasonal mobility that is still carried out as a viable and sustainable livestock practice.

May 4, 2021